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Call for volunteers for Conference 2023

The Association is looking for volunteers for our 17th annual Suicide Prevention Conference in Montreal, February 14-15-16-17-18, 2023.

The organizing committee is in search of volunteers for the preparation of the pre-conference and conference activities.

We are looking for volunteers who speak French or English and/or those who are bilingual.

For this event to be a success, the organizing committee needs your help!
Are you interested to join our team to help? click here to get the form to fill out in PDF format

There is a multiple amount of tasks to be accomplished
• The preparation of documents
• Information flow
• Reception and orientation of participants (registration, information)
• Assist presenters and participants
• Help participants who may need to talk or meet staff members
• Preparation of rooms for sharing and healing circles                                        

Here are the benefits related to your participation
• The chance to create contacts with others (nations, youth)
• Free access to evening activities
• Lunch & Coffee Breaks are provided

Please return this participation form either by fax, mail and/or e-mail to:

3177 St. Jacques Street West, suite 202
Montreal, Quebec H4C 1G7

Fax number: 514-933-9976
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